IdentaZone® is a pioneer in multimodal biometric identity management solutions. It makes biometrics (that are considered the gold standard today!) quickly and inexpensively available for any conceivable authentication tasks, regardless of the industry, market, or application type.  IdentaZone breaks through the technological barrier of biometric adoption by enabling almost any set of biometric factor providers (including fingerprint, palm vein, finger vein, keystroke dynamics, facial, brainwave, iris, etc.) to interoperate securely, quickly, and inexpensively among and within any industry without requiring changes to existing business applications or enterprise systems.

All IdentaZone services and solutions utilize the most advanced biometric capabilities and are based on two broad patents: No. 6,993,659 “Independent Biometric Identification System” and No. 8,145,915 “System and Method for Platform-Independent Biometrically Verified Secure Information Transfer and Access Control” and a few patent applications. Our identity management services and solutions are easily scalable for businesses and industries of all sizes, using a single access point for controlling the identification process

Many obstacles have slowed adoption of biometrics, but IdentaZone’s universal services and solution overcomes them. The following are some of the major obstacles our competitors deal with, and how we’ve overcome them:

How these Solution Change People’s Lives/ Market Advantages

Because IdentaZone uniquely employs middleware technology that works with the algorithms of all biometric and non-biometric security companies, it offers the following significant advantages:

  • One unified solution — provides a single unified point of access and management for controlling user identification
  • Market and business independence — suitable for any industry with no impact on existing business rules, which can be added as easily and quickly as adding new software, regardless of market regulations
  • Application platform independence — there’s no effect on existing third- party applications and update and enhancement of these systems is simple and cost effective
  • Biometric platform independence — for optimal security, any biometric factors (singly or together) can be combined with password or token based systems as required
  • Proprietary Data Confidentiality — no customer, company or personally identifiable confidential data is stored, thus enabling industry-wide, inter-agency sharing of biometric identities
  • Device independence — each end user can select the particular authentication device and readers that work best for them, accounting for the fact that not all devices work equally well for each user or organization
  • Easy integration — as easy as adding new software; eliminates costly custom development
  • Communication mode universality —
  • Data access platform independence

There  is no personally identifiable user information in the database (i.e. name, SSN, driver’s license) and as a result it can be safely used inside any industry (financial, insurance, health, etc.) and across multiple industries; this makes it virtually impossible to steal or hack client information from IdentaZone, which is very important for any industry, but banking and healthcare in particular.