IdentaZone Inc. boasts a team of professionals with decades of combined industry experience in helping clients to make the right decisions regarding their security needs and the benefits of integrated biometric identity solutions and security systems. Successful security guidance requires a broad range of capabilities, including needs assessment, recommended solutions, plan design, implementation, training of personnel and live support. We cover all this of course, and are particularly focused on the areas of identity management, privacy protection, fraud elimination and identity theft elimination.   To provide the support our clients need to make the right choices for their needs, our consultancy covers a broad range of services, including:

  • assessment of security needs
  • bridging leading security vendors’ technology to meet the needs of large scale implementations
  • consolidation of biometric technology capabilities
  • custom design of security systems
  • integration of existing security technologies into a multifactor biometric system
  • security upgrades using biometric identity management
  • use of biometric technology

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