Our partners receive a state of the art service that delivers the fast, simple and cost effective interoperable and customizable solutions your clients expect and deserve. With easy integration that removes the need for custom and costly approaches, through our broad range of services and solutions, our partners deliver added value to all clients. Our approach provides the ability to deliver joint solutions that are simply not possible without our patented  technology, benefiting both clients and partners alike through innovation and efficiency. Because our solutions are modular, client’s also have the peace of mind of adaptability, knowing that whatever direction they take in the future, their solution grows with them, without the need to mothball current systems.

With close collaboration with our partners, we show the strength that leading industries expect when considering the broader adoption of biometrics, including financial services, law enforcement and healthcare, creating the confidence required to accelerate the adoption of biometric services and solutions.

Contact us through this partner hotlink for specific information partners@IdentaZone.com