All IdentaZone services and solutions are built upon the most advanced biometric capabilities available today, and are based on two broad patents: No. 6,993,659 “Independent Biometric Identification System” and No. 8,145,915 “System and Method for Platform-Independent Biometrically Verified Secure Information Transfer and Access Control”, along with several patent applications.

Our identity management services and solutions are versatile, offering easy scalability to ensure they are suitable for businesses and industries of all sizes. They make use of a single access point for controlling the identification process, which overcomes the risks and limitations of adopting biometrics as a secure means of identity verification. This new solution for IdentaZone removes the obstacles to implementation biometrics had previously suffered from, including complexity, costs and difficulty of customizing solutions or integrating into an existing security system.

By creating the world’s first and only middleware and exchange information services that: has a single point of authentication for all biometric technologies;

  •  is device, software and algorithm agnostic so it is simple to add, change or use multiple factors;
  •  permits varying levels of encryption and security based on client needs;
  •  solves the problem of a shared “fraudster” or other data bases as middleware and common biometric template data base can be shared as needed by its client or group of clients

IdentaZone has removed those cost and complexity barriers, but also delivered an easily integrated and managed solution that were previously overwhelming for businesses of all sizes.