IdentaZone Inc. are the creators of the world’s first and only middleware driven identity verification services and solutions that provides complete interoperability with any security and identity management systems, biometric device, algorithm or software available. Using a modular design that provides maximum adaptability, allowing our system to be integrated into existing cloud services, enterprise solutions or security systems simply and cost effectively, it is able to grow and evolve as needed to accommodate new technologies or operational environments as they are developed.

Biometrics stands apart today as the only identification method that guarantees accuracy, compared to say a password system that anyone can enter once the password itself is acquired. By combining that biometric advantage with our unique technology that provides simple integration into any environment or product, IdentaZone has positioned itself as the core driver for widespread biometric adoption across multiple industries. Our focus remains on the critical solutions we have created that hold the potential for significant growth in the near term.

As a driver of that change, IdentaZone is leading a revolution in security, fundamentally changing how identities can be verified and digital communications remain private and secure. Our unique, patent protected solutions and growing market creates a significant value opportunity for our investors.

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