IdentaZone Announces Compatibility for IdentaMaster and IdentaMaster Pro with Miaxis Biometrics Devices

January 18, 2016 – IdentaZone announced today it is partnering with leading Chinese biometrics solutions provider Miaxis Biometrics to enable full compatibility of IdentaMaster and IdentaMaster Pro with Miaxis fingerprint devices. Miaxis technology allows fast and accurate fingerprint identification. IdentaMaster and IdentaMaster Pro biometrics-linked capabilities include ultra-secure and efficient encryption of files and data on local PCs, in the cloud or in shared PC spaces, and encryption of entire volumes on flash drives and internal and external HD drives. Together, the two companies offer individual and enterprise customers leading data security performance powered by biometric identification.

Miaxis Biometrics is the developer of the Justouch fingerprint algorithm and holds more than 100 patents in China and the United States. The company is a worldwide leader in the research & development, manufacture and distribution of fingerprint verification technologies and solutions, including fingerprint modules, fingerprint readers and fingerprint access devices. The company’s products are widely used by organizations in the banking, security, governmental and military sectors.

For additional information, please visit the IdentaMaster and IdentaMaster Pro websites.