IdentaZone Co-Sponsors 11th Annual Biometrics for Government & Law Enforcement Event

The 2017 summit was held at the Sheraton Pentagon City in Arlington, VA on January 23-25 and included conferences and forums devoted to discussing the most critical issues facing the biometrics security industry. IdentaZone’s introduction of its IdentaCloud and IdentaMessage services to senior officials from the Department of Defense, FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Interpol was a technology highlight of the event.

IdentaZone Inc., the global leader in multi-modal biometric identity management solutions and services, joined with 3M, IntegenX and Lakota Software Solutions to sponsor the 11th Annual Biometrics for Government & Law Enforcement event. Speakers and participants from a variety of leading US government security and policy agencies included representatives from the U.S. Department of Defense, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the Office of Biometric Identity Management. Participating international agencies included the United Nations and INTERPOL.

“The ‘Biometrics Summit’ has evolved into one of the most anticipated events on the calendar for biometrics innovators, national security organizations, information security companies and law enforcement agencies,” said IdentaZone CEO Michael Milgram. “It’s a point of pride for us to take a leadership role in facilitating and sponsoring this year’s event and it’s something we look forward to doing again in the future.”

The event was also an opportunity for IdentaZone to introduce participants to its two new biometric security services: IdentaCloud and IdentaMessage. IdentaCloud Independent Biometric Authentication Service is designed to overcome current limitations of adopting biometrics as a secure means of identity verification. The services integrates multiple biometric devices, technologies and algorithms within a single platform. It is completely customizable for users and can be integrated with existing security systems without need for extensive modifications.

IdentaMessage® Certified Universal Confidential Communication Service ensures the privacy of any type electronic communications by encrypting messages using a biometric authentication procedure. Only successful authentication allows users to gain access to information. IdentaMessage is cloud-based and works over a variety of channels, including email, FTP, data files, social networks and fax. Additionally, it is the only service that supports any biometric device, protocol, algorithm or encryption standard within a single platform.

Both announcements were greeted enthusiastically by exhibitors and attendees. The use of IdentaZone technologies and services makes it possible to unify the identification systems of all government agencies without sharing information about users. At the same time, these agencies can continue using their existing biometric technologies and scanners.

Additionally, IdentaZone executives and engineers participated in hot-button topics shaping the course of innovation and policy in the biometric security industry, including:

  • Intersection of cloud computing and biometric data
  • Emergent technologies designed to improve biometric accuracy
  • Innovations in mobile and multi-modal biometrics
  • Role of biometric technology in elections, global identity management, and border security
  • Solutions for securing, exchanging and storing biometric data

“The Biometrics for Government & Law Enforcement event allows us to connect with decision makers in the agencies tasked with implementation and successfully guiding innovation toward policy,” said Mr. Milgramm. “Our co-sponsorship is another way IdentaZone is demonstrating our leadership and commitment to innovation within the biometric security sector.”

About IdentaZone IdentaZone Inc. is a pioneer in multi-modal biometric identity management solutions and the leading provider of patented agnostic unified biometric services. The company’s products are the first to eliminate the interoperability barrier that prevented universal biometrics adoption. IdentaZone offers cloud-based biometric identity authentication services for both enterprise and consumer customers, with standard integration protocols suitable to any type of application, regardless of platform or industry. The company’s products do not require changes to existing business applications or enterprise systems.

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