IdentaZone Gathers Leading Industry Representatives for Biometrics for Healthcare Event


Biometrics for Healthcare was held in Philadelphia, PA on September 26-27, 2016 and featured two days of seminars, conferences and networking receptions that brought together leading organizations and agencies in the areas of biometrics, information security, insurance and healthcare.

IdentaZone Inc., the global leader in multi-modal biometric identity management solutions and services, joined with Imprivata to sponsor the recent Biometrics for Healthcare event, held September 26-27, 2016 in Philadelphia, PA. Speakers and participants were invited from an impressive roster of leading organizations and agencies, including Aetna, Barnabas Health, Allergan, Universities Healthcare, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and the Medical Identity Fraud Alliance.

“This event was an opportunity for healthcare executives and policy makers to receive a crash-course education in the ways biometrics are inevitably shaping the future,” said IdentaZone CEO Michael Milgram. “We’re proud to be an integral part of helping connect the healthcare industry with the knowledge they need to make the transition to better processes and technologies as seamless and efficient as possible.”

IdentaZone executives and engineers contributed to discussions of some of the most important topics shaping the course of innovation and policy in the biometric security industry, including:

  • Growing adoption of multi-modal biometrics in healthcare
  • Benefits of biometrics for patient authentication
  • Integrating biometrics solutions into existing operational infrastructure
  • Medical identity fraud: causes, consequences and biometrics solutions
  • Biometrics impact on privacy, security, accuracy and identity management within a healthcare context

The summit was also an opportunity to introduce healthcare industry professionals to the full roster of IdentaZone products and services, including IdentaMaster, IdentaMaster Pro, IdentaCloud and IdentaMessage. The company has an important message for healthcare organizations that have been reluctant to introduce biometrics into their operations due to technical and performance concerns:

“IdentaZone is breaking through the technological barrier of biometrics adoption by enabling almost any set of biometric factor providers (fingerprint, palm vein, finger vein, keystroke dynamics, facial, brainwave, iris, voice recognition, etc.) to interoperate securely, quickly and inexpensively among and between any industry. No changes are required to existing business applications or enterprise systems.” – Michael Milgram, IdentaZone CEO

The presentation was greeted enthusiastically by exhibitors and attendees. The use of IdentaZone technologies and services makes it possible to unify the identification systems of any healthcare organization, insurance company, Social Security offices and other government agencies without sharing information about users. At the same time, these organizations can continue to use their existing biometric technologies and scanners.

IdentaZone intends Biometrics in Healthcare to become a regular occurrence, just as its Biometrics for Government & Law Enforcement summit has become a must-attend industry event.

About IdentaZone IdentaZone Inc. is a pioneer in multi-modal biometric identity management solutions and the leading provider of patented agnostic unified biometric services. The company’s products are the first to eliminate the interoperability barrier that prevented universal biometrics adoption. IdentaZone offers cloud-based biometric identity authentication services for both enterprise and consumer customers, with standard integration protocols suitable to any type of application, regardless of platform or industry. The company’s products do not require changes to existing business applications or enterprise systems.

IdentaZone is headquartered in New York City and has resources, partnerships and customers around the world. For more information, please visit