IdentaZone Launches IdentaMaster Pro, a Biometrics Software Solution with Performance Scalable to All

August 21. 2015 – IdentaMaster Pro helps organizations prevent their critical data from being compromised while being stored, shared, or synchronized via publicly accessible cloud services. Companies are using IdentaMaster Pro on PCs or part of Microsoft Domain Networking for identity verification to manage and confirm network login credentials for local and domain accounts, to encrypt files and data on local PCs, in the cloud or in shared PC spaces, and to encrypt entire volumes on flash drives and internal and external HD drives. This “identity security triad” offers triple coverage security, with unmatched effectiveness, scalability and convenience.

IdentaMaster Pro offers extraordinary security within a security performance portfolio that includes Multimodal Biometric Authentication (using a device of the user’s choice or combinations thereof) and proven Encryption. This is the best toolkit available to protect data, particularly within a corporate user environment.

IdentaMaster Pro is designed for compatibility with all types of biometric devices and technologies currently available, including fingerprint, finger/vein, palm, iris, facial recognition, and “brain print” technologies. IdentaZone is partnered with leading biometric technology developers worldwide, to ensure IdentaMaster Pro remains the only product of its kind to be totally interchangeable and offer complete compatibility and platform independence.