Identazone launches the first consumer-oriented Multimodal Biometric solution for everyday life

June 25, 2015 – IdentaZone®, a pioneer in multimodal biometric identity management solutions and a leading provider of patented advanced biometric capabilities that break through the interoperability barrier to enable universal biometrics adoption, today announced IdentaMaster ®, the world’s first consumer-oriented biometric software solution created on the basis of a broad patent, No. 6,993,659 “Independent Biometric Identification System.”IdentaMaster revolutionizes the biometrics market by offering the first system of its kind designed specifically for consumer use. IdentaMaster is an identity management program that is compatible with and interoperable with a variety of biometric devices currently available on the market. Currently, IdentaMaster works with several types of biometric technologies and biometric scanners, and in the near future, users will be able to work with the full range of biometric technologies (fingerprint, finger/vein, palm, iris, facial, voice, brain, etc) and scanners across almost all leading biometric manufacturers around the world.In addition to user login management, the program provides the option of encrypting files stored on a computer desktop and securing data through the cloud. The innovative system is designed to make sure that biometrically encrypted data cannot be stolen by outside parties while being shared, synchronized or sent via publicly accessible cloud services (Dropbox, Silversky, GoogleDrive, etc).Opinion polls show Americans are becoming increasingly conscious of privacy. One recent poll showed that 86% of responders had taken steps to protect themselves when browsing the internet in light of recent hacking scandals and surveillance revelations.Identazone CEO /CTO Michael Milgramm stated, “With Identamaster, each user will be able to choose biometric technologies and scanners based on simple enrollment and authentication, price, and design. Identamaster offers easy and efficient integration capabilities that allow users freedom to choose when to add a new scanner or remove an existing scanner. It is both simple and efficient, helping to ensure security and privacy in consumer’s daily lives.”IdentaMaster makes the process of encrypting files incredibly simple, in stark contrast to the multitude of more complicated encryption systems currently on the market. Although the system is primarily designed to utilize biometric characteristics to authenticate identity, users can opt to choose password protection instead if that is more convenient for them.IdentaMaster provides a unique opportunity to use multiple biometric scanners interchangeably, a feature that has not been developed in any previous identity management systems. This unparalleled platform independence makes it possible to switch from one device to another during use. For example, information can be encrypted with one type of biometric technology and decrypted using another.IdentaMaster is a truly unique, innovative solution providing users with a revolutionary new method of protecting data which resolves many of the issues in the world of biometric security.
About IdentazoneIdentaZone, Inc. is a pioneer in multimodal biometric identity management solutions and the leading provider of patented agnostic unified biometric services that allows to breaks interoperability barrier, that preventing universal biometrics adoption. IdentaZone, Inc offers unified cloud based multimodal biometric identity authentication services for both the enterprise and consumer market, providing standard integration protocols with any type of application regardless of platform and its industry (Healtcare, Finance, Government ) without requiring changes to existing business applications or enterprise systems. IdentaZone’s solutions make biometrics quick and easy for any authentication tasks, regardless of the industry, market, application or software used.

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